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About Us


Thanks for your interest; The Computer Bug was started in North Bay,

Ontario in 2001 offering on-site and in shop computer repair services.

The Computer Bug (see attached photo) has proven itself to be an

incredible marketing tool, generating a buzz throughout the city and

putting The Computer Bug front of mind when people think of who to call

for their technical needs. 

The Computer Bug Opportunity.

The Computer Bug is in the initial stages of offering licensee agreements

for independent contractors to operate their own Computer Bug

businesses throughout Canada. 


Owning your own Computer Bug business would require an up front fee

(dependant on area) as well as a monthly license fee. Our upfront fees

and monthly license fees amount to far less than other computer franchises, allowing you to keep more of the money you make to help ensure your success.


The business is structured to allow you to be in full control of the business but not in it alone, as you will benefit from our ongoing support and proven techniques, while still allowing you to make the decisions.


The Computer Bug can be run as a small business out of your home, or a retail/service depot with multiple service technicians and is very flexible depending on your wishes.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I would be more than willing to discuss this with you in more detail. If you would like me to contact you by phone just send your number and I can answer any questions you may have.

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